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Having received a cryptic letter, you’re called to the estate of an H. P. Lovecraft to observe a strange creature he claims to have captured. The mysterious man appears to be a fan of your writing & seems eager to share his work — even alluding to knowing about your glass eye’s secret. Navigate the mansion to uncover the secrets of Lovecraft’s creature and a past you thought you left behind.

Created as part of the 2022 Cosmic Horror Jam

Movement: WASD - Arrow Keys
Move Camera: Mouse
Interact/Pick-up: E - Left Mouse Button
Use Handheld Mirror: F
Use Glass Eye: R - Right Mouse Button

Our Team: 
Curtis Smith - SFX/Team Lead (Website)(Insta)

Twitchywhalez - Composer (YT)

Ben - Lead Game Designer (Itch)

Meghan Tankersley - Game Designer/Writer (Website) (Itch) (Insta)

Carlo Carlo - Lead Programmer

Pachesan - Lead Marketer/AI Programmer (YT)

D. Hawj - Marketer/Programmer/Play Testing,

John - Programmer (Twitter)

Kushagra - Level Designer/Cutscenes (ArtStation)(Insta)

Connor Coleman - Level Designer

David Bickley - Lighting Artist (Website/Photography)

Frank Mason - VFX Artist (TikTok) (Twitch) (Itch)

Eos - 3D Modeler/Concept Artist

IEX - 3D Modeler (ArtStation)

Threebeak3 - Animator (Itch)

Victoria Smith - UI Art/Graphic Design

Development Discord: 



In A Mirror Darkly v8

Development log

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